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Toy Safety Directive Revision/EN71 Part3
The migration of heavy metal requirements given in the Annex II of The Toy Safety Directive is revised for lead
The revision significantly reduces lead limits for all 3 category materials:

Category I: Dry, Brittle, Powder-like or pliable material
• Revised Limit: 2.0 mg/kg | Current Limit: 13.5 mg/kg

Category II: Liquid or Sticky material
• Revised Limit: 0.5 mg/kg | Current Limit: 3.4 mg/kg

Category III: Scraped-off material
• Revised Limit: 23 mg/kg | Current Limit: 160 mg/kg

Does this affect your business?

The lower lead limits will apply from 28th October 2018. As a toy manufacture, importer, distributor or retailer whether UK or EU based, your toy range needs complying with changed directive limit.
At Northern Testhouse, we advise retailers, manufactures, in fact all in the supply chain perform due diligence testing.
Northern Testhouse offers a comprehensive chemical testing services including lower EN71 Part3 requirements

The updated EU Harmonised Toy Safety Standards list was published in the official journal on 10th August 2018.
For revised standards, a transitional period is in place until 28th February 2019

As far as EN71 Parts 1 and 3 are concerned, the following crucial changes will apply

EN71 Part1: 2014 replaced by EN71 Part1+A1: 2018
EN71 Part3: 2013 +A1: 2014 replaced by EN71 Part3: 2013+A3: 2018. However lower lead limits for all 3 categories apply from 28th October 2018
Further changes lowering chromium (VI) limits for all 3 categories apply from November 2019

Does this affect your business?

    • EN71 Part1 yes, if the revisions apply to your range of toys
    • EN71 Part3 yes as all limits are reduced. As most toy materials fall within Category III, the revised limit of 23mg/kg is around 7 times less

Northern Testhouse has the expertise of reviewing your products and test for revised lead limits.